Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter, now with my favorites

For those who don't use Twitter or like their tweets in a single-serve portion, I've been pulling together this weekly "weekend read" of the links I share on Twitter (where I'm @dontgetcaught).  Twitter's wide open, so unless you protect your tweets, anyone who wants to poke around can see whom you're following and who's following you, what you share and which posts you "favorite."  So I wasn't entirely surprised when a colleague emailed to say, "Why don't you share your favorites, so I don't have to go look them up?"

Why, indeed? No reason I can think of. Many times I hit "favorite" to save something for further reading, but typically, I do that with posts from people I know will share something useful.  So I'll cull my faves and share only the ones I think you can use--and I welcome your feedback.  They'll appear at the end of this list.

A warning: I headed into this week from the National Association of Science Writers meeting, so some of these shares come from speakers and colleagues at that conference--but you'll find them useful no matter what your specialty is:
  • RSS. Yes!  RSS -- really simple syndication -- is still my favorite tool of all, so I was happy to share this post on the best mobile apps for RSS and another from publishing CEO Michael Hyatt on how to use Google Reader to keep up with the blogs you want to follow (or anything else with an RSS feed).  He keeps tabs on 200 blogs. RSS will help you stay productive, I guarantee it.
  • QR codes with a twist:  This post on why the best online marketing may be headed offline reminds us that QR codes let people access your online marketing while they're, um, not online, but in your coffee shop, office building or other location.  Expand your perspective with this one.
  • Just listen. Make your audience happy:  How often have you hear the urging to "surpise and delight your customers?" KLM is doing that by listening to its customers, then surprising them in ways to make them happy.  A thoughtful (and fun) approach to social media.
  • Line up now for open-source video editing:  Lightworks, which has won Academy and Emmy awards, is a top video editing app that'll be open source at month's end. This post describes it as "truly professional-grade stuff, with features like real-time audio and video effects, multi-track audio and voiceover tools, support for 3D projects, native 2K resolution support, and project sharing for multiple editors." One of my better finds this week.
  • My other great find was Google Refine, a new service that lets you clean up and work with large data sets, which you might need to do if you're playing with data visualization. (See the favorites for more on data viz resources.)
  • New nutrition communications program:  Tufts University is launching a new online graduate program in nutrition communications, worth exploring. Starts in 2011.
  • Want to make your blog or site shareable? Try these free social media icon sets. Yes, free.
  • Productivity hacks:  Lifehacker suggests a 30/30 minute work cycle to keep you productive and focused. Have you tried this?
And now, my pick of the favorites I kept to myself on Twitter: 
Would love your feedback on whether sharing my favorites makes a difference to you. Enjoy your weekend!
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