Monday, November 29, 2010

Small plates: Packable communications tools

I travel a lot when I'm training and I've learned to pack a lot of small, portable tools to help me with social media (and other tasks, like training). I pack them all into the Travelon 14" wheeled carryon, which in turn fits under airline seats with room to spare. The many zipped pockets--originally for those liquids you can't take on board--are great for small objects, like these items:
  • A Kindle and its charger. I'm never without reading material or any notes I need for talks--plus I can access the web, tweet and share passages I like from my readings. I load this with PDF and Word documents I need to review, too.
  • A Flip Mino HD ultralight camcorder and its tripod. Actually, I usually have between 2 and 5 Flip cameras with me--they're that small. Coming soon to this bag: The portable projector and wide-angle lens attachment for the newest Flip models (which have a good sale price right now on Amazon, BTW).

  • A Belkin mini-surge protector with 2 USB ports, which makes it easy to recharge two Flip cameras at once, and turns any hotel room into one replete with outlets. I often carry more than one of these, too.
  • The Pedco Ultra Clamp Assembly, which works as a tripod, screws into the bottom of a Flip camera and can be mounted on anything from a car window to a chair in a conference room.
  • The Zoom H2 stereo audio recorder, with a multi-directional mic--it even supports 5.1 surround sound. Great for podcasts and interviews.
  • The Doxie portable scanner, which is compatible with Evernote and other programs. Light enough to bring along, it means I never lug receipts and papers home from my travels.  (On CyberMonday, Doxie's offering free shipping.)
  • If I'm speaking, a remote control like this Logitech model.
  • A Verizon wireless Novatel MiFi, which can support me and 4 others with great wireless access--good enough to view videos and download files.  It's my antidote to bad public wifi in hotels and on trains.

  • What's in your packable social-media and communications toolkit?

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