Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

Time to put your boots up and rest over the weekend? I've done a roundup for you of the tips and ideas I found and shared on Twitter, where my handle is @dontgetcaught.  Check out what made it into my own personal OK Corral:
  • Advertise it: Internet advertising hit a new high, with businesses and individuals spending just over $12 billion in the first half of this year.
  • Go mobile, young teen:  Nielsen's got more data on teenagers and their mobile habits, including why they seem to text so much.
  • Add it up:  Journalistics gathers data comparing an old-time metric--newspaper circulation--with the online presence of major papers. Dive deep into this trove.
  • Map it, from wayback: Here in Washington, the city's going to publish a trove of historical maps on Flickr, another good example of mixing history, visuals, photo-sharing, crowdsourcing and maps, all strong social media trends.
  • Capture captions:  Want to capture text from a YouTube video that's captioned? Google tells you where to find it and how to download it.
  • Visualize health: If you care about health--personal or public--or infographics, or both, this is a detailed look at how visualizations communicate health information, taking perspectives from history as well as today.
  • Promote it: Here are two more universities--the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and the University of Southern California--using Foursquare to promote events: a concert and the inauguration of a new president.
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