Friday, October 01, 2010

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

I'm @dontgetcaught on Twitter, and over the course of the past week, I shared and re-tweeted lots of articles, resources and ideas from my sources. Pull off at this exit and consider these options:
  • Prize patrol:  Science communicators know this well, but the Nobel Prizes start coming next week on Monday.  I shared the Nobel Prize reminder, and you can follow it here on Twitter.  I'll be watching how social media use affects the announcements. Good luck to all your experts!
  • The "now what?" squad:  Nieman Lab looks at an evolving issue for community news sites: After the startup frenzy, now what? with insights from the data-rich Community News Summit recently held in Chicago. This post focuses on creating relationships between news organizations and the communities in which they're working and is loaded with links.
  • Not a nation of content creation: Forrester--which describes social media users in a variety of categories, depending on whether you read, share, create or curate on your networks--says social networking's on the rise, but content creation? Not so much. For those of us who do create content, that means the channels may not be as noisy as you think.
  • Commenters' corner:  Reuters announced a new policy for comments, moving (as many news organizations have done) to a "recognized user" approach. It's worth reading this post to hear Reuters' process in coming to this decision, as it may be useful for your comments policy. 
  • Rewrite hell:  The New York Times did an analysis of "headlines we love too much." Among the overused faves were headlines following the construction "Doing ________, One ______ at a Time." You might want to comb through six months' worth of your headlines for the same reason.
  • Big kid on the block?  LinkedIn announced a major revamp that's expected to make it more competitive with Facebook and other heavy-hitting sites.  Among the changes: A full stream of user posts, a la Twitter. Get up to speed with these changes.
  • The well-liked page:  Facebook's page on PR on Facebook shared data about the value of a liker. Useful stuff for your own FB page.
  • Phone home, for work:  I love using Google Voice for business, and Mashable looked at five ways you can use it for work purposes.
  • Placing that to-do list:  About Foursquare suggests a smart possibility: Using the to-do list feature to curate options for those who check-in to a location.
  • Your moving target:  Steve Buttry shares loads of links about putting mobile first in this post, part of a workshop he did for the National Newspaper Association.
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