Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Speaking workshop deadline looms. Will you get "Good on Your Feet" next week?

If you want to be able to handle a roomful of questioners--at a news conference, speech or presentation--and do it without needing your notes or losing your cool, there are still a few days left to register for "Good On Your Feet," my two-day workshop on dynamic speaking skills Nov. 3 and 4 in Washington, DC.  You'll learn all the components of dynamic speaking -- being ready with a message, relaxed in your movements and mindset, and resilient during Q&A or challenges from the audience.  And because it's a small-group session, there will be plenty of time for hands-on exercises and practice.  Find out more at the links above and below--and if you subscribe to my newsletter, you'll get an immediate discount on workshop registration.  I'm looking forward to working with you!

Learn how to be a dynamic speaker in my next two-day workshop, Good on Your Feet: A dynamic speaking skills workshop, November 3 and 4 in Washington, DC.

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