Friday, October 29, 2010

Share the road with October's top 10 tips and issues

October was one crowded highway on this blog, but I'm always happy to share the road--and good tips, news and issues--with you.  Here are this month's most-read posts. Pull over and take a rest stop while you catch up:
  1. Can you pass my "puddle test" for social media?  It's all about how and whether you get your feet wet. Tips here for both the timid first-timer, and those who feel like it's raining apps and dogs, and don't know where to splash first. This month's most-read post.
  2. Is Twitter like handling live Q&A? asked a reader. Yes and no, I say--check out the comparison for tips on handling tweets and audiences.
  3. Do you need a prompt to journal? I shared how much I like Oh Life, an online tool that asks you via email how your day went and makes it easy to journal about it--just hit reply.
  4. How do you organize what you want to write or blog? I shared some tactics other writers and bloggers are using, and asked for your ideas, too, since we're all doing the equivalent of fall cleaning, aren't we?
  5. How you handle complex questions -- from live audiences or in media interviews --will be part of my November 3-4 workshop (details below), and was this month's third most popular post.  Smart listening is critical.
  6. The Internet: Like a big microphone you forgot was on.  That's how I reacted when I was reminded that DMs (direct messages) on Twitter are not as private as you think. Check your settings, and your words.
  7. Kindle announced new "singles,"  shorter (10,000 to 30,000 word texts) this month, and you liked my list of 13 ways communicators can use Kindle Singles to their advantage.
  8. When small data points become big stories reminds us not to overlook tiny details, data points, reader comments and other great sources for good storytelling.
  9. Cranking out a page, a phrase or a whole novel?  This popular post offers you online tools for doing all three writing tasks.
  10. Facebook just integrated with Skype, so I did some pie-in-the-sky(pe) to suggest how you might use the new Facebook Skype for communications activities, and to boost your own productivity.
And aside from the top 10, this week I hit 1,000 posts on this blog, so here are some home truths, conundrums and tips for bloggers I've developed along the way.
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