Thursday, October 28, 2010

The networked communicator: Upcoming resources and new resume tool

Most close readers know that helping you find a new job, or a job, isn't the primary focus of my consulting work. But times being what they are, I have lots of clients, friends and colleagues who want to explore their options, or have to do so.  I'm asked so often for advice on using social media for this purpose that I've started a series on this blog called the networked communicator.

In 2011, I'm going to be launching some new resources--short workshops and ebooks, among other things--on what networked communicators should know.  I'll be looking for ways to conduct workshops at or near some of the major meetings you're already attending, to make it easier for more folks to be there. You can join a waiting list to learn more about these events and resources now by clicking on the "networked communicator" box in my subscription offerings.  If you already subscribe to my newsletters, but want the new information, just click on that box; if you want to try the other newsletters, please do sign up.  Now, on to today's new tool...

Do you need another online resume?

The networked communicator already has one or more online profiles, perhaps a website, and one heckuva Twitter feed.  Earlier this week, I told you about About. me, and today I'm exploring DoYouBuzz, a profile site that takes your resume and expands its options.  Do you really need another online resume? Perhaps so, particularly if any of the following are true for you:
  • You want to show samples of your videos, presentations, documents, and images that won't fit in other online profiles. Or you just want a more visually appealing resume.
  • You want to merge the full strength of your resume with all your social-networking presences.
  • You work internationally and need the resume translated into one or more languages.
  • You need more than one resume, but don't want to do all the cut-and-paste work.  DoYouBuzz lets you create a suite of resumes for different purposes.
  • You want to show depth in your resume, without drowning the recipient in paper or PDFs. DoYouBuzz makes it easy for you to use the shorter version of your resume as the readable front page, with "learn more" tabs that let you go deep on any one portion of your work experience.
  • You want to keep it simple and shareable, so you can post or embed the resume on your own website or other profiles, track visits, optimize the resume so you're easily found in search engines and do all this without technical help.
As with other profiles, you need to pick and choose. But that video-sharing and slide-sharing option, to my mind, is a strong advantage for this service. The freemium version is robust enough for most users, and a paid version gets you a name-customized URL, unlimited numbers of resumes, more statistics and design options for $39 a year.
Social Times offers a preview here and here's the Do You Buzz video overview:

DoYouBuzz - General Presentation from Jérémie Pottier on Vimeo.

You can see mine here--it's the basic account, and imports my LinkedIn information, with some edits. I'll be adding video and photos shortly, as those are appealing options to me.  Would you try this one?

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