Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Weekly writing coach: Lighten up with a light box

There are some winters when I've thought I must be part bear, becuase I'm so good at wanting to hibernate when the days get shorter. If you're a sometimes-brooding writer, your mood may not just be linked to your inability to finish that sentence. Come the dark months, you may be able to fight off that urge to hibernate or mope with a lightbox.  And if you're like me, you should be starting a bit ahead of the change of seasons so you can adjust right with the switch that nature is making.

I use the Verilux HappyLight 6000 at my desk--a big burst of light--and when I travel, I use a smaller, packable Verilux Natural Spectrum Deluxe Book and Travel Light. (The latter is especially helpful traveling across time zones any time of year, or during the dark months.) I get about 10 minutes of lightbox-light first thing in the morning, a pattern that helps me wake at the same time, and early, after just a week or so. I use the office light when it gets dark early in the afternoon. 

As productivity tools go, this is one of my stalwarts in the dark months.  Are you using a light box or other tactics? Share them in the comments. (Affiliate links.)

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Kathy Condon said...

Smiling, for am totally a Verilux Happy Light user and have been for about four years. It makes a huge difference in my life. I am about ready to pull it out from under my bed and set it up next to my computer. NW is getting some all-cloudy days already. I read my emails and turn on the light the first thing in the morning.