Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Steal this idea to reconfigure your comms shop today

One of the best ways I know to get ideas for what to do next--particularly in the changing media and communications landscape--is to look around for what others are doing and adapt it to your needs.  That's why this post from the Journalism Lives blog, about the changing face of journalism jobs, caught my eye.  It's got a reconfigured set of jobs that are "the many ways one can be a journalist today." Communications directors might just want to steal a leaf from this playbook, and use it to retool some of your positions.  This list includes:
  • The mobile maven
  • The multimedia reporter
  • The Jack or Jill of all trades (modeled after a hyperlocal editor)
  • The online content guru
  • The online engagement specialist
  • The journalist/programmer
I can see a place for any of those positions in a communications shop.  Handily, the post includes a sampling of real job descriptions and other links to help you flesh out each post, and don't miss the comments, where some veterans add perspective on what it's like to retool your career in this way.  What would you keep, add or delete from this list, if it were for your communications operation?

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