Thursday, September 30, 2010

September's top 10 posts on social media and communications issues

Maybe you're stuck in the office and can't take a long drive to enjoy the fall scenery...but you can drive through these most-popular posts from the month of September to get ready for the season ahead of you in social media and communications.  These are worth a second look:

  1. You've got a social media plan--but does it have a crisis plan, too?  Using what happened to a university's Twitter feed during a major hostage-taking and fatal shooting, I've got some tips for how to build a crisis plan into your social forays.  It was this month's most popular post.
  2. Managing time on social media is a big issue for communicators.  What if I have just 5 hours a week? asked on audience member at a talk I gave last month. Here's what I--and Facebook readers--recommended.
  3. A new online conference networking tool:  I love sharing new tools, and Lanyrd's a good one: A social network that's all about conferences, whether you are attending, organizing or speaking.
  4. What message do you send to others about PR?  The question's prompted by what a business owner saw when trying to hire a firm to help promote her work.  I saw parallels for you, whether you work in a firm, company or organization.  Remember: How you go about the work reflects on you and the profession.
  5. And then there's social media measurement.  It's a tangled mess of metrics, so which ones should you value?  This post looks at that issue, from the view of digital journalism outlets.
  6. Getting started in social media seems daunting.  Here's the "handout" from my talk at the Common Cents conference; it's an all-in-one on getting started in social media, with plenty of links for reference. Pass it on to your favorite newbie.
  7. Should you draw attention to a failure?  Publicizing flops works in many situations and may be worth consideration if you want to build credibility and trust.  Check out this example, plus more ideas.
  8. I love to steal good ideas, especially when I can move them from one sector to another.  And apparently, you do, too.  That has to be why "Steal this idea to reconfigure your comms shop today" was so popular this month. In this case, we're borrowing a list f the key staff positions that are needed today in digital journalism, which I think could apply to your teams, too.
  9. A blog for a panel discussion?  You bet.  To show you how easy it is--and beneficial--to share information about a conference panel online, I've put together this blog on the "Experiments in New Media" panel for the ScienceWriters 2010 conference. I'm co-organizing the panel with Joe Bonner, who also contributes; check out his wildly popular post on how new data about mobile apps fits into the "mobile first" strategy of one of our top panelists.
  10. Are you using the wrong lens for social media results?  I have a few new perspective for you to consider in this post, which was first featured in the newsletter.  Sign up for an advance look in the next newsletter, out next week, below.
If you're looking for ways to improve your presentation and public speaking skills, registration is now open for a two-day workshop I'm calling Good on Your Feet: A dynamic speaking skills workshop.  Slated for November 3 and 4 in Washington, DC, this hands-on workshop will be limited to 16 participants, giving you ample time for questions, practice and strategizing. We'll work through all the aspects of dynamic speaking, from your starts and your content to movement, mindset and graceful ways to handle on-your-feet questions and challenges from the audience.  I hope you'll register and share the link with colleagues and friends!

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