Thursday, September 09, 2010

Programmer-journalists get their own "Nerd Blog"

If you read yesterday's popular post, "Steal this idea to reconfigure your comms shop today," you know that journalist-programmers (or programmer-journalists) are among the top jobs in today's news (and, I think, communications) operations.  But you'll want to keep up with this new specialty, which means you'll want to read this new blog from ProPublica: The Nerd Blog.  It's written by the nonprofit news site's programmer-journalists (or are they journalist-programmers?) and the initial post promises it will: about what programmer-journalists at ProPublica are working on, announce newly-launched news applications, and to hear from technically-minded readers, as well as our fellow nerdy journalists. We're going to be writing about each of our projects as we release them, and flagging open source tools we've found useful.
Then, just to get you started, the initial post offers links to some of ProPublica's data sets and data tracker apps, and talks about the philosophy behind how those tools contribute to the stories the site produces.  Meaty stuff. Be sure to load this into your RSS and share with your team.

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