Friday, September 03, 2010

Long weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

I'm @dontgetcaught on Twitter, where I share lots of good reads, news and information that comes across my stream about communications and social media strategy, content and training. Here's what caught my eye in the week of August 30:
  • When social media numbers don't count:  Another reason to be careful when flinging around your follower count: This book's title alone accounts for most of its enormous following on Facebook.
  • Just when you got that follower thing down, Facebook is reportedly testing ways you can subscribe to a user and see all of his or her streams.  Don't say I didn't warn you.
  • This qualifies as work, right? NASA put its historic images up on Flickr this week--a collection worth exploring and emulating. What would your archival photos yield if made public in this way? (At right, an example from the collection.)  I also shared that the Smithsonian is asking history buffs and DC residents to help identify old photos in its Flickr stream.  (Companies, universities, nonprofits: Put your alumni and former employees to work on this kind of project.)
  • Facebook's out in the wild, as it begins to sell gift cards for FB credits at Target stores.  (Is that the new thank-you gift in your office?)  Meanwhile, Danny Brown delved into using Facebook "like" to market your business, and we learned that PayPal is streamlining payments for social games.
  • I love code monkeys, and if you are a wannabe code monkey, check out this trove of tutorials called "Google Code University."
  • Cool job:  There's a medical writer III position open at Rockville, Md., contractor SAIC, supporting the National Cancer Institute's experimental therapeutics program.
  • Is this my new MiFi?  I use Verizon's MiFi--a portable wireless access card that supports up to five users--but David Pogue reviewed a new one that's less expensive and has new advantages.
  • Go have that conversation with your team about securing rights, right now:  The agency behind the popular Pepsi MAX commercial--the one featuring two guys bonding over the song "Why Can't We Be Friends?"--apparently didn't secure the rights to play the song in the commercial.  Very. Expensive. Mistake.
  • Will this change your next news-conference-call?  Skype is rolling out 10-way video calls, which leads me to think about all sorts of options for online coaching, press conference calls for small groups and more.
  • Tumblr, the super-easy-blogging platform, made TIME's list of the 50 top websites for 2010, and Mark Coatney, late of Newsweek and now of Tumblr, is one of the featured speakers on the "Experiments in New Media" panel I'm co-organizing with Joe Bonner for the National Association of Science Writers meeting.  Read more about Tumblr (and our other speakers) on the panel blog.
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