Thursday, September 23, 2010

The flip side of the new Flip cameras: Accessories add wide-angle, projection

Last week, I told you about the new versions of the Flip Ultra and Mino HD camcorders, and every time a new iteration appears, I look for things on my Flip-features-wishlist.  Don't get me wrong: I own five Flips and use them for everything from quick still photography to group public speaking seminars. The simple, light, easy-to-operate Flip is still my favorite camcorder--but it does leave one hankering for a little external mic action, or wide-angle lenses, from time to time. Maybe some 1080p HD (not this time).  Gizmodo reminded me that that's the challenge with Flip cameras: Balancing extra features with that essential simplicity.  And Flip tells us this week that the answer lies in the accessories.  Be still, my beating heart, but here they are, letting me check off a couple more items on my wish list. Note that all these new accessories become available in October 2010:

  • Wide angle lens:  Flip now offers a Bower wide-angle magnetic .45x lens that allows panoramic and other extended-view shots, both in close-up and distant ranges.  This lens is made especially for Flip cameras and comes with 3 magnetic rings and a tether. List price is $49.99.
  • Portable projector:  The iGo portable projector will be compatible with all the HD versions of Flip cameras, but not the original Mino or Ultra models. Battery life is 1.5 hours and it fits "in your pocket."  Projects in  16:9 widescreen resolution to make an image up to 70" diagonal, and offers SD card support. List price is $349.99.
  • Portable wall charger/backup battery:  Compatible with all Flip models, the iGo Charge Anywhere can be either a charger or a backup battery to extend your shoot. It, too, is small and easy to take with you. List price is $49.99.
At the moment, these new accessories are listed for pre-order only on the Flip website link above, although I'd expect to see them on Amazon in the near future--and will keep you updated. If these are going on your holiday wish list, it may be worth waiting a month or so to see whether discounts come into play.  Now, what's left on your Flip camera wish list?  (Affiliate link.)

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TJ Walker said...
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TJ Walker said...

I could live without all the other features, but having an external mic hole would dramatically increase the usefulness of my Flips.

eloquentwoman said...

TJ, if you take the time to read the Gizmodo review linked in the post above, it notes that the new models have a port that will handle an external mic--it also serves the accessories noted in this post. See:

Jennifer Collins said...

As always, great suggestions. Just purchased my first flip yesterday so am eagerly awaiting it's arrival. This will be a new year for my company in really maximizing our social media use. Thanks for being such a great coach and resource!

tarboos said...

Do you know if the flip cam can continue recording while the iGo charger is connected?

[i.e. recording for over 1 hour, Flip Cam battery is low - can I connect the iGo charger and continue recording?]

eloquentwoman said...

tarboos, I don't know the answer to that. You might pose it on the Flip home page, where you'll find good contacts with their customer service.