Thursday, September 02, 2010

AP changes credit, attribution guidelines to include bloggers

I haven't forgotten the first time a major news organization ripped off original content from one of my blogs without attribution, and I got no response when I complained about it. (I'm looking at you, New York Times.) So I was delighted to see that The Associated Press announced this week new guidelines for credit and attribution that include bloggers.  From the announcement:

The policy addresses two kinds of situations:

-- Attributing to other organizations information that we haven’t independently reported.
-- Giving credit to another organization that broke a story first, even when we match it -- or advance it -- through our own reporting.
The announcement spells both new policies out in more detail as well as a Q&A.  You know what my next question is:  Even if you're not a news organization, will you be crediting bloggers when you quote from their work? Are you doing that already?  Would you point a reporter to a blog as a source of information on your topic?  And does this change whether you'll credential bloggers as press?

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