Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

I'm @dontgetcaught on Twitter, and I share a lot of news, tips and ideas there. Here's what caught my eye in the week of August 23:

  1. A different kind of job interview: These 3 questions to ask yourself about your career, originally shared by Joe Bonner, are just the questions we all need to be asking ourselves.
  2. How do you handle PR when you're launching a new-journalism, new-media site?  Steve Buttry described that process--awkward for a journalist to handle--for the new, Washington's new community news site. My tweet had a bad link, so this one is corrected.  Buttry will be joining this panel I'm co-organizing for the ScienceWriters 2010 meeting in November.  TBD's using Crowdmap to crowdsource data on public transportation slowdowns, something I also shared this week.
  3. Do you wonder whether anyone's actually reading your social media posts?  Read this excellent think piece on social me me me me me media by Louis Gray as a way to adjust your expectations.
  4. New AAAS communications job open:  My client and former employer, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has acommunications officer job open. IF you're on Twitter, message Ginger Pinholster for more info.
  5. I see you doing private browsing on that office computer, and according to this study, people are taking 10-minute browsing breaks around lunchtime, data which jives with other studies on online video viewing, which is highest from 11-1 (am or pm) in any time zone.
  6. Google ramped up real-time search, and this post looks at how it may help reporters, so get educated now on what's available about your company or organization in this new search format.
  7. Turning a leak into a home run:  Someone leaked the Pittsburgh Pirates' financials for 2007 and 2008, so the team released more recent data in response.  It's a clean, straightforward demonstration of how transparency can turn around what might have been a bad story.
  8. Do you have a resume database?  It can power all those online profiles. Here's a great post on using Evernote to hold the components of your resume and keep them ready-to-use.
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