Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The top 10 communications tips and issues for August

In a month when grilling should have nothing to do with interviews, readers were in search of other kinds of communications inspiration and ideas, including these most popular posts for August:

  1. How do you make a social media strategy operational?  Make it like my homemade pizza, which mixes the tried-and-true with infinite variety.

  2. Those Facebook community pages--the ones that crop up whether you want them or not--can help drive traffic and widen your reach for your own official Facebook page. How? Use tagging to advantage.

  3. Executive compensation at nonprofits has been in the headlines recently.  This post on what communicators should know about the topic was a must-read for many this month.

  4. The FTC guidelines for blog disclosures about sponsorships came up at BlogHer, which I attended as the month began.  Read insights from an FTC attorney and others from this panel I covered.

  5. The networked communicator met QR codes this month, with 7 ways to use QR codes for networking.  Time to revamp those business cards?

  6. Authenticity or TMI? was a hot topic at BlogHer, with some odd lessons emerging on how much to share online.  No one-size-fits-all here.

  7. More science communications:  The Heinz Center's starting a new communications training for scientists, starting this fall in California and Colorado.

  8. Are you a writer and a publisher, as social media allows you to be? Then be one at a time, advises this post from the weekly writing coach series.  Lots of readers paused over this one.

  9. You love good writing tools, and this post on a new online dictionary for idioms proved popular, another weekly writing coach item.

  10. A camcorder the size of a credit card captured a lot of imaginations this month--it's a new offering from Kodak.
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