Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The all-in-one on getting started in social media, my way

Today, I spoke to a packed room at the Common Cents Conference, for nonprofit coalitions that offer free tax preparation and asset building, serving more than 40,000 people in Maryland, D.C., Virginia and West Virginia. They help low‐income families receive the Earned Income Tax Credit, get help preparing taxes, and learn more about managing finances.  And they had a million dollars' worth of beginner questions about how to get started in social media.  So for them, and for you (if you're starting), here's a roundup of my best posts about getting started in social media--a mix of the practical, the planned and the poetic.

Check out don't get caught on Facebook, where I'm floating ideas and discussing them before they appear on the blog.  It's shaping up as a great networking community for communicators.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Denise,
Thanks again for your wonderful presentation at the Common Cents Conference! You did a fantastic job, and I know the audience left with a wealth of useful tips and information. I look forward to sharing this post on the BaltCash social networking pages! :) Best, Monica