Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

I'm @dontgetcaught on Twitter, and share lots of links from others with interesting reads, deals, and ideas. Here's what caught my eye in the week of July 19th:

  • Networked communicators alert:  Creative Portfolio Display helps turn LinkedIn into an even more useful online profile for those with text, video, audio an dmore to share of their work. You can easily embed YouTube and other videos, among many visual options. "Show what you know" just got a kick in the pants, and online profiles just got more useful. Think about showing off your successful video projects, slideshows, even presentations this way.
  • Evernote scanner giveaway:  I love for storing notes of all kinds, and I use the compatible Doxie portable scanner to load receipts, photos, and more into Evernote -- it travels with me.  Evernote's got a Doxie giveaway going until Monday night, so check out how to win your own here.
  • Free Groupon app for Android: has had an iPhone app for a while, and now there's a free app for Android phone users.  Groupon's successful formula--offering local deals that don't take place unless a critical mass of users sign up--has been so successful that sites like now cover Groupon clone sites en masse.  If you can offer local discounts or specials of any type, it's worth exploring (and if you just like getting good deals, check out the app).
  • A newspaper leads in online video?  Sounds like it for the Wall Street Journal, in this article shared by  Ten million streams a month may offer a glimpse at the future on online video and publishing.
  • Bloggers alert:  This was one of my favorite reads, a guest post on about getting new and repeat traffic with "museum thinking" -- a new twist on curation, and prompting us all to think about what is and isn't obvious to those who visit our blogs, especially newcomers.  And if your company was tempted to ditch its corporate blog in favor of its Facebook page, wants to warn you not to. Here's why.
I'm heading to New York City early in August for the BlogHer conference. Let me know what you'd like to see on this blog about the conference, women who blog and related issues.

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