Thursday, July 29, 2010

July's hot top 10 tips and issues

It'd be tough to get hotter than July, but this month's top 10 tips and issues come close. Here are the blog posts that gave off the most heat with readers:

  1. Word of a new $5,000 prize from AAAS to encourage early-career scientists to engage with public audiences proved, once again, that you respond to incentives. Please share this item with a communicating scientist; even post-docs qualify.  From my experience training scientists, there are many who are willing and able to do this.
  2. Is it illegal to photograph federal and other buildings? No, but you couldn't tell from all the tourists and photography pros getting arrested or detained.  If you caught this post earlier, check for the intriguing update involving Amtrak.
  3. Getting up to speed with social media? So is this reader, who asked for help getting her toes wet.  Apparently, a lot of readers were looking over her shoulder to get the same tips. 
  4. Embargoes: Hot or cold? Readers thought these tips for tidying up your embargo policies were hot, but my call for sharing your policies may have been too hot to handle, with just a single response from an organization that eschews embargoes. Plenty of readers checked out this post, though. There's still time to share your policy.
  5. Discounted registration for the Web 2.0 Expo New York drew lots of interest.  This discount ends September 19, so use it now. 25% off sounds great -- like a cool breeze in summer.
  6. Got a speaking gig coming up?  The post on being a networked speaker shares ways to make the most of it, networking long before (and after) you take the mic. 
  7. Facebook pages are hot, and this post on a new free tool for making them look good, plus lots of resources and case studies, was on fire this month.
  8. You can be a networked communicator--the theme of a new series on the blog--and to do that, I recommend you rethink your online profiles.  This goes well beyond LinkedIn and will help you improve your presence in search engines as well as networking face-to-face.
  9. Could Flip camcorders get wifi?  Maybe soon--this post shares the speculation.
  10. Need to boost your writing creativity?  These tricks and hacks, collected on Twitter, should do the trick.  I'm always looking for new ways to brainstorm or take a fresh approach.
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