Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Facebook pages: New free tool and a compendium of resources

I sure hope you see yourself in this post--if you're in this box, it means you got past my landing page on Facebook.  Facebook pages have become the new artform for communicators, and the latest specialty to master in the form is the "landing page" or welcome tab people get to before they decide they "like" you and want to follow your company updates.  You need to fool around with Static FBML to put landing pages together...until now. The good news:  This week, I've come across two solid resources to help you get up to speed on making your landing page better--or getting one in the first place.  I'll be mining them both and hope you'll share your results, too:
  1. offers a new, free tool that eliminates the need for you to use Static FBML to make a customized landing page.  TechCrunch took it for a test drive last week.  A paid version with more features is in the works, and those who sign up now for the free tool may be in line for a discount when that happens; the company promises there will always be a free version available.
  2. This bonanza post from Smashing Magazine pulls together almost everything you could want in a Facebook fan page tutorial: stunning examples of top-of-the-line designs, commercial and free templates, websites and tools that offer tutorials and how-tos.  Dive in and share this with your team--there's a lot to spark new ideas.
Got another resource to share? Leave it in the comments.


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