Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend read: My weekly share from Twitter

I'm @dontgetcaught on Twitter, where I share lots of good reads and links about social media and communications. Here's some of what caught my eye in the week of June 6:
  • New live-event tool: Can you see me now? from the Communications Network blog looks at using LiveMatrix for your organization's live events--the idea is to create a kind of one-stop site for those seeking live online fare. Let me know if you're trying this one, and how it's working for you.
  • Audience data: Who's using Facebook around the world? The demographics of Facebook's top 15 country markets offers an update on global trends on the popular social network.
  • And more audience data: New Harris poll: Americans hate health care, love science and technology got cheers from my science pals and jeers from my health policy pals--but it contains hints for shaping your message based on where the audiences are now.
  • New resource on communicating science: The Plainspoken Scientist is a new blog from the American Geophysical Union, focused on helping scientists communicate with the public -- I like this find, and am delighted that the don't get caught blog is on its blogroll.  Keep an eye on this one.
  • And a heads-up: Early word came this week that Pew will be releasing new data on how Latino youth use technology next week. @SusannahFox said we should monitor this site

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