Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly writing coach: A new place to collect quotes

The online reference shelf just got a boost from a now-wide-open site, Qwotebook, which has some clever features that will help writers and speechwriters of all kinds. Just out of its beta test phase, Qwotebook's a social network where you can collect quotations: your own, things you overhear, or famous quotes you find.  Because the site allows you the option to share your finds on Twitter and Facebook, and to connect with your existing circles of friends on those sites, it's easy to set up lists of people to follow--or you can just dive into the stream of all the quotes posted.  Clicking on the name of the person quoted will take you to a collection of their quotes.  I'd like to try using the site for:
  • Curating my own collection of quotes.  I like the idea of being able to pull together hard-to-find quotations -- by women speakers, for example -- and combining old and new quotations that will help me illustrate my points.  And if you're a speechwriter or communicator with a CEO or leader who speaks, curating a list of her quotations is a great idea, not just for your archives but to make those words available to others.
  • Sharing and finding specialized collections of quotes.  Since I have a network of writers who tackle specialized topics, I'm going to encourage them to start curating their own lists here, so we can all benefit and share them.  The quotes curated by a specialist in an area I don't always follow have great appeal for me.
  • Capturing new quotes easily.  A downside to the quotation books of yore is that they end--they have to, in order to be compiled.  Here, the potential for compilation goes on continually. I like the idea of a rolling collection of quotes, refreshed every minute, if folks are fast enough.
As with other social networks, you'll be encouraged to post a photo and very short profile. Let me know what you think of this new online resource.

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