Monday, May 24, 2010

News organization cutbacks changing coverage at the top

Time for the life vests? While the rest of you have already seen the effects of smaller reporter teams covering your issue, the White House has seemed impervious to news cutbacks.  Not anymore. Now budget-cutting at major news organization means that the White House press corps is traveling with the President less and less, as this New York Times article explains.  ABC, CBS, and USA Today are among those curtailing reporter participation in the charter travel that the pool of news organizations buys together--and the more dropouts, the higher the costs go for the rest, encouraging other options that now including staying at home base or spending extra time catching retail flights.  Want to see how those new local and regional online news projects are handling budgets?  The Times also profiles MinnPost, which combines foundation funding with subscriptions, but hopes to be self-sufficient by next year.  Also not a glamous picture...

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