Tuesday, May 04, 2010

More on the blog about my services, feedback and resources

There's more detail on the blog to help you navigate my services, case studies and clients. Here's a roadmap to what you can find out in the new pages and features:
  • Details on the three types of communications and social media consulting I offerstrategies, training, and content or message development.  Where I'm able to share examples, case studies or links to client projects, I do--including posts that illustrate results.
  • More about the communications retreats I offer, including what many clients have asked for.  I can help your organization plan and facilitate a retreat on communications topics, for board members, employees or a combination.  This is a specialized type of training, and highly customized.
  • More about me and my experience, including journalism and public relations work past and present.
  • More about my clients. Most of my business comes from referrals (and I welcome yours), and I'm happy to say that many clients are repeat customers who've been with me for the entire duration of my company.
  • This blog's disclosure policy, to comply with new regulations and to be clear with my readers.
  • How to contact me, follow me on social media or subscribe to other options, including RSS, my free monthly newsletter "For Communications Directors," and the don't get caught Facebook page.
  • Recommendations and feedback about the blog and my services can be found on this page. I'm happy to provide you with contacts among my clients so you can learn more about the results I've helped them achieve.
  • More about this blog and how I approach the writing of it.
As usual, your feedback will help me make this blog more relevant and useful--please leave your feedback in the comments or send it to me directly at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz.

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