Wednesday, May 05, 2010

How mobile & tablet engagement will change your content--and your audience

For some time now, it's been useful to consider whether your audience sits leaning forward or back--the former, when using the web, the latter when watching television or radio.  Jeremy Rue has a new post with a good review of the two types of audiences: the leaning-forward online crowd is scanning, with a shorter attention span, while the sit-back group's more passive and presumably attentive. But he thinks that mobile devices and tablets like the iPad actually are "lean-back" devices.  He notes:
The iPad is a particularly interesting device, because it aims to bring the Web into the living room where it could become a lean-back media device. I think this is why so many magazines are excited about delivering their content to the iPad. With tablets, people might actually spend time consuming media rather than frantically searching.
We don't know how this will play out, but it's a good reminder to keep an eye on tablet trends while you decide whether you can include longer-format content for mobile devices.

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