Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Embrace it: My sweet embeddable you

One of the great gifts of widgetsYouTube and are those embeddable bits of content--the gifts that let you include independently produced content on your websites and blogs to build interest and excitement.  Embeddable elements are expanding as developers embrace the opportunity to let you share and spread content.  When your turn comes to share content, will you make it embeddable? Here are four recent examples to try--and to emulate:
  • Embeddable graphics like this infographic of the "Top 29 Cities for Men," a joint effort of and to assess a variety of data points to come up with this list.  Mint's offering the graphic embed code directly with the post linked above (and does so for most of its graphics).  If you've been offering charts and infographics on your websites, making them embeddable should be next on your list.
  • Embeddable tweets are now possible due to "Blackbird Pie," an embed-code-generator launched this week by Twitter.  Using screen grabs of tweets, though labor-intensive, has become popular, and this service makes it easy to enter the URL for a particular tweet and generate the code.  As it's just launched, expect some site overload as the masses try it out.  Here's an example:

The Eloquent Woman very much likes this list! RT @unmarketing: 30 Quick Tips For Speakers learned over 15 yearsless than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Embedded tweets are a great way to capture and show praise, commentary and other feedback your online efforts are receiving, and to reflect your community in your website or blog.
  • If you've experimented with Google Wave, you can now embed a wave on any website.  And while you still need to be signed in to contribute, anyone can sign in anonymously and observe the discussion.  Wondering whether a wave is in your future? Here's one post that wonders aloud whether Google Wave will be the new Facebook.  Embedding a discussion-in-progress opens up new opportunities for collaboration, transparency and real-time excitement.
  • Do the reverse: Embed sites into a Google wave, using this gadget.  That might be a group calendar, a presentation, or just a website you're discussing.  Embedding sites into a wave may be new to you, but opens up a world of collaborative opportunity--remember, waves can be public or private.
Got an embeddable bit of content to share? Let us know about it in the comments. And while you're at it, grab the widgets for the don't get caught blog or The Eloquent Woman blog for your website, wave or blog.

UPDATE:  To get us started, Joe Bonner shared on FriendFeed: "And don't forget the embed option in the FriendFeed Share link, as demonstrated by Kol Tregaskes." 

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