Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Replay online conversations with new Google search tool

Whether you're seriously monitoring a public debate or discussion, or analyzing how news unfolds, Google's new "replay" search tool  (described here on Mashable and here on Google's blog) offers a wealth of new options for communicators.  The feature will be rolled out in English in a few days, but you can go here to play with it now--and in future, look for it under advanced search options, listed as "Updates."  You can pull the highlight across the timeline to see tweets that occurred at the high and low points and across the full spectrum of the conversation.  The feature is based on Twitter feeds, and to begin with, only goes back to February 2010, but soon will cover all tweets from Twitter's launch date of March 21, 2006.  Let me know what you discover with this new tool and how you'll use it in your measurement mix.

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