Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An April shower: The month's top 10 posts

Here's a downpour to download from the blog's most-read tips and topics in April:

  1. Creative tweeting:  How I use Twitter to boost my creativity struck a chord--it's not only tops this month, but one of my all-time top posts. One reader on Twitter called it "the quintessence of why we tweet."  It kicks off a series on the different ways I use Twitter.
  2. New ideas for meeting organizers:  I've posted about what speakers need to know about how social media has changed presentations, but Remixing the conference: 5 cues for organizers takes a different view--and drew a big audience. It includes links and case studies of how other groups are rethinking and reorganizing conference formats, technology and other communications tools on- and off-site.
  3. My mix on Twitter:  Lots of clients and colleagues have asked how I balance personal and professional topics on Twitter, and this post answers those questions, I hope. It's part two of my most recent series on Twitter, still my favorite social medium.
  4. Is your audience only inside the room?  These days, probably not--so I offered 7 ways to reach outside your conference using social media and other tools to grab the interested audience beyond the conference venue, as well as why you might want to do that.
  5. Toward briefer presentations:  Focus your slides, not just your time offers a real-life example of how to keep a large number of speakers from running overtime. It's not in the minutes, I found, but in the number of slides.
  6. Lessons for bloggers:  The don't get caught blog celebrated its fifth birthday this month, and I shared 10 lessons, five years in with perspective and thoughts on how it's done...
  7. And Facebook page-rs, too:  8 winning ways to engage on Facebook pages shares more lessons from my experiments with The Eloquent Woman on Facebook, from keeping a conversation going to building content and advertising.
  8. Everything (plus Twitter) in moderation:  The backchannel's a regular part of most presentations now, so my post on when you're the Twitter moderator offers timely updates and links to more background on how you should juggle this new speaking role.
  9. Made an error that's spreading on Twitter?  How you correct a moving record on Twitter is still a work in progress, but this post shares advice from a journalist team that had to do just that, to get you started.
  10. Here's a scientific elevator speech, describing for a public audience the science of biodiversity and why humans have an impact on the planet--in just 45 seconds. A great new example from noted biologist E.O. Wilson.
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