Sunday, March 28, 2010

The tides of March: Our top 10 tips

A flood of activity marked this month at don't get caught.  Chief among the changes:  The blog is now the centerpiece of don't get caught's web presence, and we are still migrating posts, so you'll find some broken links--but not in this post!  Please do subscribe (or resubscribe) using the new RSS feed or sign up to follow us on Blogger, get posts via email or get our monthly newsletter, which features content not yet available on the blog.  Then dive into this month's most popular posts:

  1. Press credentials for bloggers advanced as New York City decided to give them press access. To celebrate, I pulled together a roundup of 13 more concrete case studies for you to base your policy on.
  2. From who speaks to who's watching, public speaking's been remixed in a big way by social media.  Here's how to revise the basic recipe for your next talk.
  3. Want to write 750 words a day?  Check out this new online tool that tells you when you've reached your goal, gives you the sense of the emotions you were expressing, and tells you when you were most productive, a weekly writing coach post.
  4. Audiences are the real "river in reverse," flooding the Internet and live events with their thoughts, participation and ideas.  Two great think pieces help you reframe your approach to audiences today.
  5. Hiring for tomorrow's communications needs was the focus of this month's newsletter; while you're there, click on the "join our mailing list" button to get future issues free.
  6. Building on that career move, there's a new kind of social-media "forward-thinking" resume that shows off your aspirations as well as your accomplishments--ideal if you want to switch fields, transition or just don't have enough experience yet.
  7. More news outlets--and Google--are archiving old material, filling a gap when newspapers close and offering you new options for highlighting your company or organization's history.  Find out how in this popular post.
  8. If you're running a communications shop, in which direction are you running--away from deadlines or ahead of them? This piece might help you evaluate and reboot your process to stay focused on the next, as in "nexternal."
  9. How to choose a writing coach is a post from our past, as we mark the 5th anniversary of this blog.  It's relevant whether you're hiring a coach for someone on your team, or want one for yourself.
  10. Local's the new hot trend in social media.  Here's an update with new tools and trends in 7 aspects of using local emphasis in your social media and traditional communications.

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