Thursday, February 25, 2010

Romancing February's top 10 tips

February brought me valentines--and here are mine for you, in the form of this month's most-read and most-popular posts and tips:
  1. Stay the same. Don't ever change.  Is that the space you're carving out for yourself in the new communications world? Then you're dancing on the head of a pin.  A provocative and well-received post.
  2. Are you a funny Valentine? Using humor feels risky, especially in social media. This popular post aims to help develop your funny (back) bone and make you more confident in using humor to good effect.
  3. It's engagement time.  Not you and me. It's time to add question-and-answer capability to your online video. Check out these case studies from the White House and two universities using YouTube, UStream and Facebook to engage audiences with some back-and-forth.
  4. Adjectively speaking, you're super-extraordinary:  The weekly writing coach found this version of the Apple iPad press conference, stripping out all words but the adjectives.  It's funny and a good reminder to strip adjectives out of your purple prose.
  5. I heart content strategy, and here's a useful case study for how one trade publisher, Reed Business Information, thinks through its content strategy.  Steal their tips for planning and managing content now.
  6. Will you still love me tomorrow? Depends.  A PR blogger asked whether the old rules still apply for what time of day to pitch reporters, and I've retooled the rules to fit today's deadlines.
  7. Tell me a story.  But make it short.  The weekly writing coach found this NPR contest for writing "Three-Minute Fiction." It's a great exercise in writing short--and you have until February 28 to enter. Quick!
  8. In good relationships, don't fight over the controls.  They don't work so well in social media, as noted in this popular post.
  9. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Before I do, I'm reminded to check the timeliness of your analogies for speeches, media interviews and presentations.
  10. Give some love to the boss.  If you only read all items tagged under "For Communications Directors"--our 10th most popular link on the blog this month--you'll be in great shape to romance or reboot your communications operations. It's a collection of what's most strategic on the blog.  Click on the tag at the bottom of this post.
This month, I also started sharing some of what I'm reading in social media topics, in Get social: What I'm reading.  Let me know if you find that useful, and I'll keep doing it.

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