Tuesday, February 09, 2010

For Communications Directors newsletter

The don't get caught free monthly newsletter has refocused its look and content.  For Communications Directors is still free and still monthly. Each issue will focus on issues communications operations are facing with content exclusive to newsletter readers in advance of its appearance on this blog, along with extensive links to resources and additional reading.  Public speaking content will move to the Step Up Your Speaking newsletter, a free monthly analog to The Eloquent Woman blog; each issue of that newsletter will tackle one public speaking challenge.  You can subscribe to either or both newsletters at the link below:

I welcome your ideas, requests and feedback on this new newsletter. A special note:  If you are a current subscriber to the don't get caught newsletter, you'll get your first issue of For Communications Directors automatically.  After that, you'll need to subscribe at the link above or box at right in order to continue your subscription.

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