Wednesday, January 20, 2010

weekly writing coach: where you write

This San Francisco Chronicle story about novelist and cop Robin Burcell caught my eye because of, oh, the places she'll apparently write. Burcell, whose latest book is The Bone Chamber, shared how she managed to write seven books over the course of 27 years of police work. Flexibility of location seems to have been a factor. From the article:
Burcell has been scribbling out stories and drawing pictures as long as she can remember. When she's away from her home computer, she has a notebook with her. Down time is writing time, and she has worked on her books in coffee shops, at her desk during breaks, in public parks and in her car.
And you? Where do you write? Is it a location of convenience, the ideal spot or just a way to get more words per day done? Leave your writing locations in the comments so we can crowd-source the ultimate list, and I'll report back.


QuantumDottie said...

Usually I hate writing in public places b/c the background noise bothers me. But a few years ago, during the time I was traveling from Manhattan to the Bronx for dental implant work, I found I could very efficiently write in long hand on the noisy subways. Those looming deadlines helped me shut out the background sounds quite nicely!

Emily Culbertson said...

I can write almost anyplace as long as I can screen some of the background noise out (but not all of it). My favorite places to write are planes -- when elbow room permits -- and, I hate to say it, the couch in my family room. I find I am better off when I physically move locations to write so as to separate myself from other work. It can be as simple as moving from my desk to my futon in my office, or vice versa. I find I do my best writing, though, when I am limited on time. If I don't have all day but need to accomplish something in 10 minutes or an hour, as long as the place is distraction-free I can do it.