Friday, January 22, 2010

know the ABCs of presenting in 2010

Audiences, backchannels and communication styles--the ABCs of presenting in 2010--all have shifted dramatically in recent years, enough to prompt trainers and coaches like myself to revamp what we're emphasizing in workshops and one-on-one speaker and presenter trainings.  Grab these 17 clues from my 2010 playbook about timely changes you should consider for revamping your own presentations this year.  I'll be emphasizing:

Audience skills such as...
  • Planning and practicing ways to share control over the outcome of your presentation through audience voting, advance input, or using questions up front to set the topic parameters
  • Reading a room full of texters and tweeters, and how to get them to interact with you in real life
  • Using the precious few minutes at the start when attention is highest to gain credibility
  • Interacting with the audience before you ever enter the room
  • Interrupting yourself at planned points during your presentation to engage the audience and manage its expectations
  • Including the audience in your presentation to heighten engagement
  • Understanding and responding to what they really want to hear from you
Backchannel skills such as....
  • Working with the organizers in advance to understand how they'll manage and display the backchannel of comments from participants on Twitter and other social media sites
  • Handling responses to the backchannel in real time, during your presentation
  • Why you should welcome and work with the backchannel discussion
  • Finding practical ways to encourage productive backchannel activity and incorporate it in your presentation
  • Participating in those channels before, during and after your presentation to glean insights and share followup information
  • Working with online resources that will add context and information to the backchannel discussion, before, during and after your presentation
Communication style skills such as...
  • Planning the room setup and your movements to create a more lively, dynamic and engaging interaction with the audience
  • Learning active listening skills to aid your question-and-answer sessions and improve audience engagement
  • Understanding how to balance your speaking and audience input at a time when audiences increasingly expect to contribute throughout a presentation
  • Planning the impact you wish your presentation to achieve, and how to get there
If you or your team need one-on-one coaching or group training in presentation skills or public speaking, contact me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz to create a customize training that meets your needs in 2010.  Here's what some of my recent trainees have been saying:

What made the workshop especially interesting and memorable was Denise Graveline's radiant and cheerful, yet very effective communication skills. She did an outstanding job of keeping the attention of the audience and tying everything together very nicely.

The communication tips and message that you helped me develop were extremely useful...I felt much more confident talking to people about my research and why they should care about funding science.

Denise is wonderful at both the “room” level as well as one-on-one.

Denise was fun, irreverent and kept info fun and light. Day just flew by. Thanks!

Denise did a really good job teaching how to hone in on messages – many new topics/lessons.

I’ve attended other media prep courses. This was the best. Thank you, Denise!

Most valuable: Being able to see people on video and walking through the process of honing and developing a message. Denise’s facilitation was very effective.

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