Tuesday, December 22, 2009

to share with you: new sharing options

Want a free, easy way to engage your website or blog's readers? I've added a new feature on my blog that offers the chance for you to chat with other readers, and more sharing options, including a drag-and-drop feature so you can share videos, posts and other content on social media sites. The good news: You can have this feature for your website, too. It's a beta from Meebo, described in this post from Mashable, which has been using the features for some time. The setup's simple, and as a bonus, you'll get a dashboard with analytic data, as well as the chance to customize your Meebo bar with the sharing options you prefer. Go ahead: Use my Meebo bar (you'll find it at the bottom of your screen) to share this item and test it out from the reader's viewpoint, then get your own.

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