Saturday, December 19, 2009

college president & the backchannel

Here's where we're headed, I hope: The newly appointed president of McDaniel College in western Maryland, Roger Casey, impressed a member of the search committee with his approach to audiences that use Twitter while he speaks. From the article:
"This guy's saying to [older people] like me that this stuff can really be a positive," [committee member Francis] Fennell said of Facebook and Twitter. "We can really use it to expand their horizons."

He recalled a conversation about public speaking in which Casey said he never asks students to turn off cell phones but instead tries to interest them so that they'll Tweet their friends on Twitter.
It was noted yesterday on Twitter that discussion of Twitter audiences creating a backchannel is overly influenced by coverage of the disasters and not enough of the success stories--or what you can learn from the experience to make your presentations and speeches better. As one who trains speakers (including some college presidents) for speeches and media interviews, I take the latter approach, which you can see in some of the posts below. Let me know if this type of training is on your agenda in 2010 and beyond.

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