Friday, December 11, 2009

Hat tips and mentions

I'm behind in thanking many bloggers who've shared my posts or sources who've tipped me off to great news and ideas. So consider this my hat-tip back to them all--as well as a sampler of other blogs covering similar issues that you may want to explore:

  • Noting that I made "guinea pigs" out of scientists to test their communications skills, The Arkansas Science and Technology Authority posted this summary of a Communicating Science workshop I facilitated in early October. The workshops are a joint effort of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the National Science Foundation. AAAS released this update on the workshops and related programs, also in October and States News Service covered it here.
  • Getting past perfection in social media: In "I'm not special, you can use Twitter, too," Jessica Lewis notes, "Yesterday, I pointed you toward Denise Graveline’s post You Can’t Be Mary Poppins In Social Media. I figured this out before I read her post, but she describes the exact place I was in the last time I tried Twitter, so please do read it if you are at all hesitant about plunging into the raging rapids that Twitter sometimes feels like (especially at the beginning)." Thanks, Jessica! She blogs on social media and copy editing, among other topics.
  • Longtime colleague Don Akchin, aka "The Accidental Marketer," shared my recent post on how you can follow Bruce Springsteen's way with fans to do well with your social-media efforts. Thanks, Don!
  • e-Learning expert Tony Karrer blogged about multitasking while speaking--by the audience and the backchannel--and pointed to my post on what speakers can learn from twitter hecklers in the comments discussion. Joe Bonner gets a hat tip for pointing me to the Twitter heckling that led to that post.

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