Thursday, December 31, 2009

December's top 10 tips & issues

On the eve of 2010, here's one more lookback, this time at December's top 10 tips and issues on the don't get caught blog. I hope you'll feel free to leave a comment suggesting the tips, topics and issues you'd like to see in this space in the new year--and wish you a happy and successful year ahead!

  1. Do you have a curator's perspective when it comes to sharing and publishing information online for your organization or company? This most-read post took some curation cues from a Museum of Modern Art exhibit of Tim Burton's varied works to help you figure out what to do. Includes video and audio insights from Burton.
  2. A new mobile app for Flip cameras closed out 2009 as a popular post--this app helps you view and share Flip videos more easily on a large screen. And if you're looking to buy a Flip camera, this week there's a $50 discount on the Flip Mino HD cameraon, if you haven't finished using your holiday gift cards.
  3. Do you welcome the Twitter backchannel when you speak? This new college president does--a good sign that he'll engage his student audiences, and a positive example of how to put the backchannel to good use.
  4. Author James Geary gave a great talk on using metaphors in this video weekly writing coach post. Listen for how he uses Aristotle, Elvis and Shakespeare to jostle your thinking about metaphors and how to use them in your writing.
  5. What's the best control for blurting things out on social media sites? It's your brain. Thinking through what you want to accomplish when communicating on Facebook, Twitter and similar sites is important--but so is loosening up a bit. This post muses on the balancing act.
  6. Think your organization is beyond comparison? Think again, says this popular post, which looks at how to handle and anticipate out-of-left-field comparisons that may be made about you.
  7. You don't need to check them twice, but lists as a means of simplifying your writing
    are a tool both underused and effective. Check out this popular weekly writing coach advice.
  8. How to change your presentations to accommodate the backchannel is the subject of a new book. This post details what I think you'll find especially useful--it's a must-read.
  9. Where's online video headed? The tsunami-like top trend in social media is moving forward with new search options, captioning and audience data you can use in 2010 to advance your video offerings.
  10. The blog has a new sharing option -- a Meebo bar -- that will let you drag-and-drop content and share it on YouTube, Facebook and more. Check it out in this post.

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