Friday, November 20, 2009

New ebook on presenting with Twitter

Despite the sometimes overblown, panic-inducing coverage of what audiences on Twitter are saying about speakers, the Twitter backchannel can be a useful speaker tool--and is just another factor for which you can prepare yourself.  You'll have to consider some new factors, like the Twitter audience beyond the room where you're speaking, and learn some new tools and options.

To the rescue comes New Zealand speaking coach Olivia Mitchell, author of the very good Speaking About Presenting blog.  Olivia has published a free ebook on “How to present with Twitter (and other backchannels)” -- and you don't need to sign up for anything to read it, just download it directly here.

I had the privilege of reviewing the book before publication, and I think it's a must-read, even if you don't think you'll have tweeters in your audience (beware that assumption).  One of the things I like best about Olivia's book is that it walks you through what a speaker needs to do about the backchannel before, during and after a presentation.  Another benefit: She's reviewed some of the new tools that are emerging to help speakers do things like tweet from within their PowerPoint slides or monitor the backchannel.  Olivia also went beyond mechanics to talk more about a subject dear to my heart: True engagement of the audience, which is the missing factor when speakers get heckled on Twitter.

Olivia also recommends the soon-to-be-published book The Backchannel: How Audiences are Using Twitter and Social Media and Changing Presentations Forever, by Cliff Atkinson, which you can pre-order on Amazon in advance of the November 30, 2009 publication date.

I'm using Twitter and the backchannel in my coaching and training sessions to help speakers understand what their audiences expect--and to engage with audiences while they speak. Check out Olivia's wonderful ebook, then contact me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz about your speaker coaching and training needs.

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