Tuesday, October 20, 2009

visuals don't just mean video: workshop

Looking for ways to add visuals to your website or blog? There's no excuse with the toolbox of tools and ideas I got at the National Association of Science Writers annual conference (search for #sciwri09 on Twitter) during a hands-on workshop led by Karl Leif Bates of Duke University, Lee Clippard of the University of Texas at Austin, and John Pavlus of smallmammal.com.

We focused our time in the workshop on learning Soundslides, a paid download that offers a free trial period and lets you combine photos with narration or music in an intuitive editing interface. (Soundslides has a great tagline: Ridiculously simple storytelling.)

Beyond that, the panelists set up a special website to serve as a ready-reference "handout" that covers topics we didn't get to in the workshop: Where to find ready-made visuals, do-it-yourself ways to do data visualization, pointers on online video, and equipment advice for hardware and software, as well as a trough of inspiring examples. You also can find more advice from Bates and a panel of journalists on using multimedia to communicate science and health topics (or any other topic) at this link, which includes video of the panel.

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