Friday, September 25, 2009

weekly writing coach: readers

ProBlogger's a great regular read for those of us who blog, with great posts like 9 Things to Do to Make Sure Your Blog is Read by More than Your Mom and tips on monetizing, writing, and promoting blogs. But today, there's a post on creating reader profiles or "personas" that I think applies to all sorts of communications functions, from news release and magazine writing to community or member relations. The idea is to write a real profile, a bio, for the different types of people whom your writing targets--complete with a photo, demographics, made-up names and more.

Sound like a timewaster? It's actually a clever, sticky, memorable way to make sure everyone on your team understands and knows their audiences (and I'd do these for internal and external audiences). You may have different audience profiles for different projects, times of year or operations, and there may well be overlap. But the exercise of creating profiles helps you think through who's reading your writing and ensures that the choices you make--from timing to word choices--hit the mark. Try this for the different audiences you're trying to reach.

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