Tuesday, September 08, 2009

get past 6 CEO barriers to social media

Let's just say you're one of the lucky communicators, with a CEO who's ready and willing to take the plunge into social media...but she still sees barriers, rapids and dangerous falls ahead. (I don't recommend moving forward if your CEO is unwilling, however.) Here's how to guide your soon-to-be-social CEO so she can ford the rapids more, well, rapidly--organized by objection:
  1. I'm never near a computer: Time to give your CEO the mobile memo, with information on applications like Facebook for the iPhone (similar apps are out there for most mobile devices). And Twitter is designed to be as simple as texting on a phone, any phone. So if your CEO is off the computer but on a BlackBerry, that's no barrier to participation.
  2. I can't remember how to blog/tweet/post to Facebook. I don't want to login to something else. I do email best. Your CEO's time has come, with a new service called Posterous, which allows him to post to a blog--or update any social media service using simple email, allowing for audio, video, photo and text posts. He doesn't even need to create an account--just send the content to Posterous. No excuses left! Mashable.com has published this excellent guide to using Posterous for simple and elaborate posts, with lots of good tricks to make posting this way more effective.
  3. I can't type: Time to bring back old-fashioned dictation in the form of an audio blog post. Your CEO can phone in posts up to 60 minutes long on services like Hipcast from anywhere, and even post interviews or conference calls so more than one person can participate. (Think about phoning in updates from the hallways of a meeting.) When the CEO's in the office, record there, transcribe to text and post the audio as a podcast for a two-for-one experience.
  4. I don't have that much time: Give your CEO a focused role that makes the task seem shorter, then match it with the right technology. Examples might include: Adding a CEO's comment to longer blog posts written by staff, tweeting instead of blogging (they call it micro-blogging for a reason), or, for any length of post, making sure that it updates to all your company's social media pages--so that single CEO tweet, just 140 characters or less, gets onto multiple platforms automatically.
  5. I'm never in this time zone/I'm always traveling. Get out that mobile memo again, but this time, point out that updates can post at any hour, and mobile apps make it possible in almost any place except takeoff and landing. Make an advantage out of the CEO's travel by asking her to post pictures, and to dateline her posts "Posted from [place]" to add to the excitement. Take a further step and arrange a tweetup--a meetup organized via Twitter--to introduce your CEO to customers/clients/contacts on the ground locally.
  6. I'm not much of a writer. If audio's not a great solution, posting pictures or short video from an ultra-light camcorder like the Flip MinoHD Camcorder or the forthcoming Kodak Zi8 HD, both of which include all the software needed to edit and upload a short video to email or social sites. They're light enough to fit in a pocket and have only a couple of buttons to push to make a good-quality video in short order. Both include the option to pull still photos from video, making them a time-saving option as well.
Need more inspiration or convincing for your CEO to take the plunge? Check out the related posts below for interviews with social-media-using CEOs. And if these barrier-jumping tips work for you, er, anyone else in the organization,, well, so much the better.

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This post is aimed at CEOs, but the info here can be used by just about anyone. Thanks for these great tips.