Sunday, September 27, 2009

fall into september's top tips

The year's moving quickly and, as the seasons change once more, here are the ideas, tips and advice readers consulted most this month on the don't get caught news & info blog:
  1. Trying to be perfect in your social media efforts? Don't. Accept that you can't be Mary Poppins in social media and learn how to manage with this month's best-read tip.
  2. If your CEO wants to try social media, but finds it difficult on a daily basis, read our 6 tips for getting around the most common barriers to getting your leader out there.
  3. Online video continues as a strong trend, so this fall I'm testing a new ultralight camcorder with the help of some clients and colleagues. Read about it here, in this month's third most popular post. And....
  4. See the new camera we're testing in this post of first impressions, and this one about its editing features.
  5. Do writers get bored? I'll never tell, but here's a popular weekly writing coach tip about how to rock the boring tasks in writing.
  6. When it comes to how your team is (or should be) using social media, I hear different things from you and from your boss. You may be surprised if you listen in to what I'm hearing with this popular tip.
  7. Would-be speakers from all over keep coming back to an older post on why you should wear blue for your audience in public speaking or television appearances. It's still among our top posts this month. Find out why!
  8. Social media moves fast, and if your communications operation isn't ready, it may force you to clean up your PR act. Find out more here.
  9. Communications directors are revving up for fall and consulting all our guidance for them in this series of posts
  10. Looking for media training? I offer it, as well as these tips on what to ask a media trainer, still among our most popular posts.

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Great tips! Thanks Denise!