Saturday, August 29, 2009

The top 10 tips of August

Time always seems shorter at summer's end, and this month, writers and strategists sought out these top tips from the don't get caught blog--maybe to get caught up before the fall? Check out what our readers found most valuable this month:
  1. Want to write more? Just takes an hour: An alert reader tipped us off to the source for this weekly writing coach post, the top post of August, suggesting that you just need to take one hour a day, five days a week, to write 130,000 words.
  2. Want to write better? Want to do it in small steps? Try these 5 "brush-ups" to freshen and sharpen your work.
  3. Listening to your audience, and asking what they think, is critical in these days of social media--or any time. My tale about a 20-year relationship with a theatre that resulted in my unsubscribing was our number three post this month.
  4. If you're experimenting with online video using the ultra-light camcorders like the Flip, try these 27 ways to switch your PR visuals, another popular post this month.
  5. I call it "nexternal relations," a way to make sure your communications team is ready for changes now, and what comes next. Read one take on this approach here, and our new series on rebooting your communications operation here.
  6. Creating tweetable presentations--a guest post--offered readers the chance to turn the live-Twittering audience to the speaker's advantage.
  7. Can humor help the technical talk? One scientist-turned-standup-comedian shows how in a great video.
  8. Writing for a speaker? I've got five questions writers should ask before they pen introductions, speeches or remarks.
  9. You need a friend feed, an outside source of insight, ideas and expertise. Here's a post that lets you see how to do that with social media.
  10. It's hammock time for writers, with 19 ways to refresh, renew and rejuvenate your writing--many of which don't involve writing at all.

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