Monday, August 17, 2009

more ideas to steal from old-school media

I'm fond of calling talk radio and talk-TV the original social media--they've always focused on giving time to the audience, letting them drive the agenda, and promoting various ways for the audience to participate, as does any good social networking effort. But can you steal good social media ideas from mainstream media? MIN (Media Industry News) thinks so, in this excellent post with four concrete ideas almost any organization can adapt in its social media efforts, from getting your multi-media out of buckets on your website and putting video and podcasts right up front, to crowdsourcing content. (Don't have advertisers? Where the article recommends connecting the audience with your advertisers, think donors, sponsors, funders, members.) Check out these options as you consider how you're rebooting your communications efforts, if only to keep your offerings fresh and competitive.

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