Saturday, August 22, 2009

how the bigger Kindle may help you

Amazon's got a larger new Kindle DX available, the wireless electronic book reader now in a slightly larger size (the DX dimensions are 10.4" x 7.2" compared to the Kindle 2 at 8" x 5.3"--so it's still smaller than a sheet of standard paper). Should you get it? It's got the same advantages as the earlier version: Free 3G wireless, readable for 4 days on a single charge, the ability to change type size for easier reading, a read-aloud function, ways to receive not just books and blogs but your Word or PDF documents. (See a full list of features here.)

What's different? The larger size boosts the visibility and clarity of complex images, so drawings, photos and charts are easier to read -- a boon if you're a visual learner or communicator. The DX also has a rotating view, so you can hold it sideways or straight up and the view will shift for better viewing of horizontally oriented graphs. It holds an impressive 3,500 documents (2,000 more than the Kindle 2) and reads PDF files without having to convert them first.

I recommend the Kindle 2 or the DX for those of you who are frequent speakers, since they can hold your speech text, let you read it at a larger type size, or even read your words back to you so you can hear them aloud--and you avoid scrambling to keep your pages in order, too. It's easy to use on a lectern, but you also could use it to read from without one, and do so in sunlight (the screens aren't backlit). Speakers may find some advantage from the larger size for greater readability, so keep that in mind. Let me know how you're using the Kindle!

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