Sunday, August 02, 2009

Dive into July's top 10 tips

Go ahead--dive into these strategies, tips and sources for ways you can avoid getting caught behind the curve this summer. These are our most-sought-after tips from July:
  1. Retreats to help refocus: Lots of readers went to these posts on how I facilitate retreats for communications teams, especially in these tight economic times.
  2. Tweeting at meetings gets controversial: This post drew lots of comments, and includes three perspectives about the controversies around allowing (or not) conference attendees to live-report the proceedings on Twitter.
  3. But what about science meetings? Journalist Bob Finn shared this important guest post explaining the real rules that govern whether scientists can talk to bloggers and reporters at scientific conferences. Share 'em with a researcher you know!
  4. Tweeting case study: You might take a different approach, and invite folks to use Twitter, blogs and video to report your meeting. Here's a case study--and it's one I'll be participating in at a conference this coming October.
  5. Don't overuse this: The weekly writing coach feature catches up with several articles that talk about most-overused words, and suggests some ways you can rid yourself of them.
  6. Midterm test for your communications operation: We started the year with these 8 tests for whether your communications shop is focused in the right direction--and the most strategic of our readers checked in again in July to look at this yardstick again. And you?
  7. Can't find your audience? In social media and in public speaking, communicators sometimes find they're without their expected audience. I gave you five questions to ask yourself to strategize better ways to reach your audience where it really lives.
  8. Online videos get longer: This month, I shared new data to help you gauge how long those online videos can get, and how your content mix may need to change as a result.
  9. Google helps you handle media relations: Are you using Google as a PR tool? If not, you're missing out on easier ways to learn reporters' interests, track video coverage and more.
  10. Speaking of contests: Our sister blog's contest at The Eloquent Woman--a chance to win 15 weeks of online speaker coaching and a Flip camcorder--garnered hundreds of views. Stay tuned for the winner!

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