Saturday, August 29, 2009

Amazon Kindle: environmentally friendly

I've recommend using the Amazon Kindle e-book reader--either the 6-inch version or the larger (9.7-inch) Kindle DX--as a great device for speakers who wish to stop shuffling papers, and to reboot your communications operation with less paper and more efficiency. Now there's a new reason: A new study has found the Kindle to be environmentally friendly. CNET looks at the study here, and quotes from it:
The roughly 168 kg of CO2 produced throughout the Kindle's lifecycle is a clear winner against the potential savings: 1,074 kg of CO2 if replacing three books a month for four years; and up to 26,098 kg of CO2 when used to the fullest capacity of the Kindle DX. Less-frequent readers attracted by decreasing prices still can break even at 22.5 books over the life of the device.
The CNET article notes that some universities are experimenting with using the Kindle for textbooks, in part due to the improved environmental impact. Will it make a difference for your operation?

Buy the Kindle 6-inch version or the larger (9.7-inch) Kindle DX.

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