Monday, July 13, 2009

save the date to step up your speaking

I'm delighted that I'll be speaking at Washington Women in Public Relations' next professional development brown-bag lunch, Monday, July 27 from 12 noon to 2pm. Our topic: "Step Up Your Speaking: Be an Eloquent Woman." In this session, we'll conduct a lively, hands-on workshop based on your questions and training priorities--yes, the audience will help set the agenda. And I'll be talking about the skills, confidence and opportunities you need to succeed as a public speaker, as well as why women have traditionally had fewer speaking opportunities and say they fear speaking more than men do. As author of The Eloquent Woman, a blog on women and public speaking, I hope you'll use this session to get ready to enter our contest "15 Weeks to Step Up Your Speaking," and win a Flip HD camcorder and 15 weeks of speaker coaching. Want to learn more? Become a fan of The Eloquent Woman on Facebook to join ongoing discussions and tips. Stand by for an update on the location for this session, and registration details. I'm looking forward to learning about your top priorities for improving your speaking skills!

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