Monday, July 06, 2009

online video: time's now on your side

It's official: the era of watching the cat play with the toilet paper is giving way to longer online videos and a wider array of content as a result, according to today's New York Times. Here's what that may mean for you when using online video as a communications tool:
  • A taste for online video has taken hold: A wide audience now appears comfortable with online video, and hungry for it. In the U.S., for example, some 150 million Internet users watch 14.5 billion videos every month, or close to 100 per viewer, on average.
  • Audiences want longer-form videos: Good news for those who want a story to unfold or demonstrate more complex concepts: Thanks in part to the demand for TV programs online, audiences willingly watch 20- or 30-minute programs where once it was thought three minutes might be too many. One signal: YouTube now offers "shows," their version of the longer format programming.
  • Content, once again, is king: Rob Barnett, founder of the video distribution site My Damn Channel and a college pal of mine, says "it comes down to quality winning out over minutes and seconds." No longer does a nine-minute piece need to be cut into three shorter segments--if the content's high quality, compelling stuff.
Analysts note that online video's expected to become a $1 billion business in 2011.

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