Saturday, June 20, 2009

united's deft hand with social media

If a major airline had a humor face-off with a famous comedian, who'd you put your money on? If it were United Airlines versus Wait! Wait! Don't Tell Me host Peter Sagal, and the boxing ring were Twitter, you'd have to bet on the friendly skies for the win. An exchange between the two this week offers companies a great example of how to develop a deft touch with social media, in this case, using humor to match the master at his game. It started with this tweet from Sagal, who's on a road trip:

Clearly, United's searching Twitter for keywords like "Red Carpet Club." And within the hour, the airline--which typically posts about special Twitter discounts on airfares--put its marker down with this message:

The two traded a few more Tweets along these lines, but the first salvo was the best. United did a great job not overreacting here, and playing along, even besting Sagal in round one and providing the rest of us with a good laugh that does nothing to damage their online reputation, and everything to enhance it. I hope you'll look for similar opportunities to cultivate a gentle, playful touch in your social media communications.

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